What's can this be?

ElCaballoGrande michael.cogan at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 7 22:44:24 EST 2003

TFSeven wrote:
> I'm pretty new to gardening and this is my first post here. I hope someone
> can help. Several of my plants are having problems. The leaves are turning
> purple for some reason. Here is a link to 2 dogwoods I have recently
> planted, but other plants are having the same problem.

I am not new to gardening but am new to this group.

If you are in the southern hemisphere then winter is fast approaching 
and the color change is quite appropriate :}  If not, then I have 
nothing to offer except the knowledge that I came here looking for 
sympathy because my 20 year old dogwood recently succumbed to what 
appears in the stump to be some sort of fungus/rot :{

It was in a magnificent location and was thriving during its first 18 
years and then had the top half's leaves come out about half normal 
size.  Perhaps a mimosa would be happier in this location and possibly 
not susceptible to this dogwood infection.

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