What's can this be?

Moontanman moontanman at aol.comnospam
Sun Jun 8 03:14:22 EST 2003

> I came here looking for 
>sympathy because my 20 year old dogwood recently succumbed to what 
>appears in the stump to be some sort of fungus/rot :{

This dogwood fungus is devistating dogwoods everywhere, the location didn't
have anything to do with it. Around here they have begun selling pink dogwoods
that are resistant to this disease.  I had several large dogwoods that died.
Many of them were more than 40 years old and as much as 25 feet tall, really
sad and it's hard to replace such large trees. Dogwood does make great fire
place logs ;-( the wood is heavy and burns a long time.

remove nospam from e-mail to send to me, I grow trees in aquariums like bonsai.
I breed dwarf crayfish, great for planted community tanks.  If you can get me a
shovelnose sturgeon fingerling (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) no wild caught
please, contact me

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