Ficus Won't Stand

hermine stover hermine at
Thu Nov 20 02:31:11 EST 2003

>I have a ficus outdoors, planted about two feet from the house, and 
>currently standing about 12-15 feet.  It has always seemed very healthy, 
>but a couple of weeks ago I went outside and found it leaning over, its 
>base slightly pulled out of the ground from the weight.  I tied it 
>upright to the house, but the leaves are turning yellow.  Another nearby 
>ficus is still very green.  I'm in Los Angeles, so the temperatures here 
>have been moderate.  Should I try digging a deeper hole for it, or do 
>you have any other suggestions?

Howard, i am not a tree expert, but in the past, when trees have done
this, they have taken a dive. call the LA ARBORETUM in Arcadia, they
exist to serve you, if you can, ask to speak to my cousin Jim Bauml,
who knows a great deal. something has foozled with the roots of your
tree, is my guess. leaning is one thing, the yellow leaves, it sounds
under attack.


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