Help me identify this plant

Jackson jackdinsssNO at
Thu Nov 27 07:03:23 EST 2003

I pick up bagged leaves and pine straw from local houses and use them to
mulch my vegetable garden, so it is no great surprise when some strange
plant sprouts and grows.  Once a papaya tree sprouted and developed fruit
to about the size of lemons before the cold got it.

This year a strange plant sprouted in my tomato patch and even tho the
tomatoes are gone the plant keeps on growing.  It grows very fast.  Nobody
I have talked to recognizes it so I am asking on the newsgroup for help in
identifying it.  I have posted two pictures on the newsgroup:


The two pictures are Unidentified Plant - close up picture and backoff

Please take a look at it and help me if you can.  Either post your message
here or answer by emal after deleting the NO and the SPAM from the address.


Jack from Pensacola, FL
Jack from Taxacola (formerly Pensacola), Florida

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