Hermine Stover - what's that about?

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We got another winner here Steve....maybe Hermine was his sister...

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> Hi,
> I'm 41. Married with no kids. I was molested by my older sister around the
> age of 6 or 7 over a period of 2 or 3 years.
> I had never had any type of sexual encounter before her.  How it started and
> how it ended is not for  here. She is 5 years older then me
> I always considered it incest and was afraid and ashamed to tell anyone. My
> sister as long as I have known her has always tried to control me
> or bully me into whatever she wanted me to do. I was her trick monkey. She
> was out of control by 14 and was sent away to a boarding school.
> We've never discussed what happened between us. When she came back we never
> really got along and to this day I really don't care for her
> at all. I love her as my sister(offspring?) but as far as her personality ,
> she could jump in a lake.
> Before both my parents die I would like to try and mend fences as best I
> can. I have never gotten along with my sister and all these years she's
> always bitched about me not liking her and blah blah blah. She has never
> spoken to me about the sex between us and I am just realizing
> that none of that was my fault.

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