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Thu Apr 22 22:51:59 EST 2004

>Since Typha species are found in wetlands world wide, you really must have
>done a thorough search by now!!
Actually in person and by asking others to do the same I have done quite a
broad search. I have mamnaged to grow quite a large number of swamp trees,
bushes and herbs. I spend a lot of my spare time sloging through the swamp
actually looking for plants unseful to me. When was the last time you went out
in to the real world? Scuba dived with gators or cottonmouths? Not worth it you
say, hmmm it is to me. I was hoping for help not a critque of my methods. You
see there are individuals that actually enjoy helping others when they get the
chance. It's a copncept you should look into.

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