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Sorry dude, I don't go out of my way going mucky places where leeches and
parasites abound. Raised fish when I was a kid and managed to grow out of
that phase long ago.

I do my exploring on dry land.

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> >Since Typha species are found in wetlands world wide, you really must
> >done a thorough search by now!!
> >
> >
> Actually in person and by asking others to do the same I have done quite a
> broad search. I have mamnaged to grow quite a large number of swamp trees,
> bushes and herbs. I spend a lot of my spare time sloging through the swamp
> actually looking for plants unseful to me. When was the last time you went
> in to the real world? Scuba dived with gators or cottonmouths? Not worth
it you
> say, hmmm it is to me. I was hoping for help not a critque of my methods.
> see there are individuals that actually enjoy helping others when they get
> chance. It's a copncept you should look into.
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