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Little Johnny came home early from school and started calling his mother
with no answer. He finally went up stairs and saw the bedroom door was open
a little. When he peered in, he saw his dad on the bed with the maid so he
quietly went outside and waited for his mother. When she showed up with some
groceries, he said "Mommy, Mommy guess what I saw? I saw daddy upstairs on
the bed with the maid and they were......." and his Mother said, "Stop right
there, Johnny". Wait until supper tonight when the maid is serving the meal.
When I wink at you, then tell me the story." At supper when all were seated
and being served by the maid, she winked and Johnny began again. "Mommy,
When I got home from school early today, I was looking for you and saw daddy
on the bed with the maid. They were doing the same thing that I saw you and
Uncle Phil doing at the cottage last summer."
A young man was walking through a super market to pick up a few things when
he noticed an old lady following him. ¡°Pardon me," she said. "I'm sorry if
my staring at you has made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that you look
just like my son, who died recently.¡± I¡¯m very sorry," replied the young
man, "is there anything I can do for you?¡± Yes," she said, "as I'm leaving,
would you say¡¯ Goodbye, mother?' It would make me feel so much better.¡±
Sure," answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving, he called
out,¡± Goodbye, Mother!"  Then, as he stepped up to the checkout counter, he
saw that his total was $127.00. "How can that be?" he asked.  "I only
purchased a few things!¡± The clerk replied, "Your mother said you'd pay for
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