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    Although scientists have been successful in developing drugs that treat
specific diseases, there is no substitute for the Immune System.  It is
stronger and more powerful than any drug will ever be, and is the key to
helping us maintain a healthy, happy body. The sole function of the Immune
System is to protect the body from disease and infection. When working
properly, it has everything it needs to do its job. It destroys invading
agents, consumes harmful pathogens, and battles against pollutants and
toxins.  The Immune System does more than modern medicine and drugs could
ever do.  However, if it is denied the most essential nutrients, it becomes
weak and inefficient, leaving the body vulnerable to attack.  In fact, most
of today's degenerative diseases are the direct result of immune dysfunction
and can often be traced to poor dietary habits.

    Did you know that it is possible to strengthen your Immune System to
prevent all types of disease and illness just by simply eating the right
foods?  Nature has given us a wide variety of plant foods that are rich in
nutritional content.  Eating these foods, given that they are grown and
processed correctly, will feed and strengthen your body, allowing it to heal
faster and prevent disease.  An Immune System that is fed with proper
nutrition will be much more successful at defending the body. This
relationship between nutrition and the performance of the Immune System is
the key to improved health.  This special science of building the Immune called Nutritional Immunology." The pioneer of Nutritional
Immunology is DR. JAU-FEI CHEN, founder of  E. Excel International.


    Nutrition is the key to a healthy Immune System.  However, there is an
unfortunate catch.  In this world where our food is grown using stimulating
chemicals and pesticides, we are nutritionally starved.  Due to the chemical
usage in growing crops, plant foods now have severe nutrition losses, which
contributes to the reason why our diets are so lacking in nutrition. This is
evident in the constant rise of degenerative diseases.  Even more alarming,
however, is the fact that our food is not only nutritionally "empty", but it
is still full of the chemicals and pesticides that were used to grow it,
which everyone is eating!

        The symptoms of malnutrition are well documented.  They include
constant lack of energy, long recovery after hard work, easily catching the
seasonal "bug", difficulty learning or concentrating, frequent headaches,
difficulty sleeping, degenerative diseases, etc.  If you have any of these
problems, or one of many others, you probably suffer from malnutrition.
Almost all types of diseases and health problems are the direct result of
malnutrition!  This disorder is caused by a lack of proper nutrition in your
diet.  Also, if you have a family history of heart disease, cancer,
arthritis, etc., this information may be very useful for you.  Malnutrition
is now being traced as the number one cause for many, many illnesses and
degenerative diseases.  Everyone knows that being healthy is important.
Unfortunately, many people are mislead as to what real nutrition is.  In
spite of the increasing awareness for the need of nutrition, very few people
even realize that they are malnourished.

        The Immune System is not the only system that suffers from
malnutrition.  All of the systems of the body are interrelated and what
happens to one, will inevitably affect the others.  Eating a diet rich in
nutrition will not only better protect you from illness, but will leave your
entire body balanced and feeling great.  Your heart will work better and
longer, your muscles will not be as sore from hard work, you will cope with
stress better, you will be more relaxed and in control of your emotions, you
will be able to learn and remember better, etc.  The benefits of a healthy
body are endless.

Degenerative Diseases

        What are degenerative diseases?  The dictionary defines
"degenerative" as:  adj. : of illness; marked by gradual deterioration of
organs and cells along with loss of function; "degenerative diseases of old
age". Some types of degenerative diseases include cancer, heart disease,
arthritis, diabetes, etc.  While degenerative diseases are usually
associated with old age, old age is not the real cause.  The real cause is
the lack of nutrition and the presence of undesirable substances in our
modern food.

        Have you ever wondered why degenerative diseases continue to rise at
the same time we have the best medical technology in the history of the
world?  Because of the decrease in the quality of our modern food, is it any
wonder that all types of disease and health problems are on the rise?
Disease and illness are the result of years of malnutrition.  When the body
is nutritionally starved, the Immune System will become suppressed.  When
this happens, you will be at higher risk for disease because foreign,
disease causing agents that enter the body will be able to sneak past the
defenses of the Immune System.  It is estimated that 90% of Americans are
malnourished to some degree.  This is not from the lack of food, but from
the lack of nutrition in our food.  Eventually, the Immune System can no
longer fight and a degenerative disease begins to grow.  It is only in
recent years, that degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease,
arthritis, AIDS, and many others have began to multiply in amazing numbers!
The rise in degenerative disease rates is indirectly proportional to the
decline of the quality of our foods!  This is not coincidence.

        In this world where degenerative diseases are on the rise, it seems
that to avoid them is impossible.  It is a fact that one out of four people
will at some point be diagnosed with cancer.  Yes, it is true.  We live in a
world where it is almost common place to lose a loved one to a disease that
was the result of malnutrition.  Almost all types of diseases and health
problems are the direct result of malnutrition!

Nutritional Immunology

        Despite all of this bad news, there is bright hope.  There is a new
branch of science dedicated to the study of the relationship between immune
and other body functions and proper nutrition.  This science is called
Nutritional Immunology and it is the most promising field of study to help
prevent most, if not all, diseases.  Ask yourself this question: Why are
deadly diseases still on the rise when there are thousands of companies that
produce vitamins and herbal products?  There are all kinds of health
magazines, but none of them address the real issues.  If we are so health
informed, why are we still sick and overweight?  Why don't diet plans work?
It is because the real issues are not being addressed.

        Only recently have scientists began to realize the strong connection
between immune function and proper nutrition.  The special science of
building the Immune System through proper nutrition is Nutritional
Immunology.  The Science of Nutritional Immunology holds that the Immune
System, when given the proper nutrition, will be strong enough to defend our
bodies from all types of illness and we will not have to suffer and die of
diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and even HIV!  In other
words, prevention is the focus rather than treatment.  Nutritional
Immunology is a brand new branch of science dedicated to the study of the
relationship between the function of the Immune System and proper nutrition.
We are at the foremost of a new revolution in health, one that will
inevitably change the world.  The more we learn about Immunology, the more
we realize that drugs are not the answer.

Drugs and Vitamin Pills

        Drugs only perform one function in the body at a time.  This
singular action upsets the complicated balance of the body, which will
always cause a side effect.  Prolonged exposure to drug use will eventually
lead to health problems.  This is why over reliance on prescription drugs is
not advisable.  It is true that drugs no doubt save lives in emergency
situations, but unfortunately, we as a society depend far too greatly on
medications for all types of problems.  The funny thing, is that drugs do
not even treat the cause of disease; instead, they simply suppress symptoms.
No drug or substance in the world is able to defeat illness.  The Immune
System is the only defense we have against disease, so doesn't it make sense
to have an Immune System that is functioning properly at optimum strength?

        Many people take vitamin pill supplements thinking that they are
getting what the body needs.  Did your mother ever tell you that it is
impossible to overdose on vitamin C?  Well, she was wrong.  What we are now
discovering is that vitamins which have been isolated and taken in the form
of a pill actually act as a chemical and have negative effects on your body!
Many studies have been done that prove that the best form of nutrition comes
from whole foods, not vitamin supplements.  Even if vitamin supplements were
beneficial, would taking only a few really give us all the nutrition we
need?  We will talk more about vitamin supplements below.

        Why do we have to die from illness?  Why do we wait until we are
sick before we start taking care of our bodies?  Just because we are not
sick now, does not mean that we are completely healthy.  As a matter of
fact, a disease or illness can be in the body long before we ever start to
feel the symptoms!  Did you know that without your Immune System, a single
speck of dust would kill you?  There is no known cure for even the common
cold.  The Immune System is literally our only defense against disease but
it is ineffective if it does not have ammunition, and the ammunition the
Immune System needs is proper nutrition.

Proper Nutrition

        We must first determine what proper nutrition is.  Dr. Chen has
given several criterion that must be met if we have a truly nutritious
product.  Is it steak, eggs, and milk?  It is vitamin supplements?  Is it a
miracle drug?  Is it produce from the grocery store?  Sadly, the answer to
all of these questions is "no".  In simple terms, proper nutrition is
defined as 1) plant foods that 2) have no medicinal properties, 3) are
wholesome, 4) are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals, 5) are eaten in a
wide variety, 6) have no negative effects on the body, 7) are grown without
the use of chemicals, pesticides, stimulants, or any other man-made
substances, and 8) are processed and formulated correctly so that no
nutrition is destroyed.  According to Nutritional Immunology, the finished
product must be as pure as the original, organic plant.

    As you can see, it's not an easy task to build and strengthen our immune
functions; this is why there are so few of us that actually have a strong
healthy immune system. E. EXCEL International has already done all the work
for you by creating a line of amazing products that provide people with
enough whole-some nutrition to nourish the immune system and bring the
immune function back to normal.

    By using E. Excel products on a daily basis, your Immune System will be
better equipped to fight off all types of germs, colds, diseases, illnesses,
viruses, and bacteria.  These products do not heal you, but give your body
the "ammunition" to fight illness and heal itself. By maintaining a strong,
healthy Immune System, disease will be prevented, rather than treated.
Because E. Excel products are simply highly nutritious food, they are
perfectly safe for pregnant women and people taking medication.  They are
good for all people, both old and young, and there is no such thing as an
overdose!  E. Excel products will have no side effects that drugs always
cause.  You must keep away from stimulants, drugs, medicinal herbs, and man
made nutritional products.  If we trust in nature, we can't possibly go

    The theory of Nutritional Immunology is simply this, strengthen the
Immune System and let the body take care of itself!  Let your body do what
it was made to do.  The more we learn about the amazing ability of the body
to heal itself, the more we realize that drugs are not the answer.
Combining the ancient knowledge of Chinese herbs with the technology of
today, Dr. Chen is the mother of Nutritional Immunology in a whole new
revolution in health that will change the world.  She has concluded that the
best cure for any ailment is prevention.
    Nutritional Immunology is the future of health.  If everyone would eat
organic foods, illness would become a thing of the past; not because we have
conquered diseases, but because we have learned that proper nutrition gives
our Immune System power to resist sickness.  Whether or not medical science
ever discovers a miracle drug that conquers illness, does not really matter
to those of us who already know the answer.  Nutrition is the only way we
can live long, happy, and healthy lives.  Dr. Chen said, "The study of
Nutritional Immunology holds the key to our health."  E. Excel products are
the most healthy "fast food" you will ever eat.

What value can you place on the health of your family? Are you ready to
change your life? Healthy eating and good health can be just one step away.
The choice is yours.

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