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You are a real master troll, moonmad.

You lucked out guessing that it would still be an Opuntia even though many
species formerly placed in that genus are now inother genera. On the other
hand, you are completely ignorant about the actual species.

Ben never said it was being grown outdoors in Nebraska, only that he got it
from a friend as a gift.

I am very familiar with Opuntia humifusa. I grow several collections of the
species from different localities, including several I had collected from
the wild myself. There is no way the plant is Opuntia humifusa.

If I had to guess, I would say the plant is a badly etiolated Opuntia elata
but I would rather wait until it flowers. Note the dark blotch below the
areole typical for that species.

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> >Your experience with aquatics does not help at all for identifying
> >xerophytic plants, Moonbeam.
> >
> Actually I have more experience with cactus than aquatics and as i told
> poster it would be difficult to really say what teh species is due to the
> deformed growth from low light levels. My source may be out of date but
> catus is an opuntia. i just made a guess from the area it was found in.
And a
> prostrate grower will grow more upright if it is reaching for light.
> you have litttle experince actually growing cactus.
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