2 questions

Sandy sandy at pipeline.com
Thu Apr 29 17:36:20 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
Hope some one can assist me.

We live in Northern NJ in a high-rise.  We have a 45' (uncovered) terrace
facing Northeast.

This is our first spring in this apartment and I want to "landscape" the
terrace.  I have already planted some "subzero" climing roses, and plenty of
flowering plants in small containers for accents.

I was considering a white birch as it would go very well with the terrace's
design.  Also considering a spruce or another evergreen.  Main concerns are
WIND and short sunlight (dawn until around 1 - 2 PM).

Can the Birch and/or spruce deal with wind, short days and the winter in
these parts.

Thanks for any assistance

Can the Spruce deal with

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