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Thu Aug 19 12:06:27 EST 2004

Mr Moi Harambe Jr.
Cotonou Benin Republic
Email:moi04 at epatra.com

Dear Sir, 

I got your impressive profile  while searching the internet for 
who will be of immediate assistance to the issue at stake, 
I am Mr Moi Harambe, a trade consultant and supplier to  humanitarian
organizations: Red Cross, Salvation Army, UNHRC, etc
In brief, I have in the course of my business secured a  mandate of
one wealthy displaced west African family whose bread winner's life
have been lost	in the crises that engulf their country  to negotiate
for a trust worthy foreigner who can as a matter of urgent ,  assist
them to  arranging their immediate evacuation  out of the  United
Nations Refugee Camp (UNHRC) where they are presently staying to
his/her country  for security reasons . This family claimed and have
convinced me that they	had some reasonable amount of money in United
States Dollars deposited  in a security company some where in Spain.
They  are very willing to entrust the funds  to your care should you
accept to help them  so that you can use parts of it to secure a
guinea property like  residential accommodation on their  behalf and
arrange officially  immigrations documents that will enable them come
into   your country officially. Every procedure of immigrations   has
to be official as  those of them 
 that their education have been interrupt because of the crises  can
officially enroll back to schools over there to continue their normal
please if you are in a position to render this assistance to humanity
do not hesitate to contact me back immediately so that you can be
well briefed on how to go about the whole thing. However , bear in
mind that they are not asking you to sponsor them in this project
rather they are willing  pay you for your  assistance. Please treat
as highly confidential.

Looking forward to hearing from you urgently 

Yours  sincerely  
Mr Moi Harambe Jr

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