Plantbio here is my number and addy

Cereoid-UR12- cereoid-youself at
Sat Jan 10 11:13:50 EST 2004

You are obviously another victim of the brain drain.

You have been freebasing too much of the stuff and all the blood has drained
out of your brain.

You are so dizzy that you can't even do a spell check.

That's okay. I did one for you!

"I have the best news... this month I discovered a place on the net where I
can get heaps of dirty cheap vi erg Rae its unreal I tell yak. Ho well vie
talked enough already iv put in the link below. enjoy mate this one is on me

Hope that clears things up!!!

"Mispronunciation D. Decontaminate" <andres at> wrote in message
news:010001c3d771$3e674f16$2417b579 at
> Hey Plantbio
> I have thhe beest neews... this monnth i discoverred a place on thhe neet
wherre i can geet heaps of dirty cheap vi ag ra its unreal i tell ya.
> ohh well ive talked enough already ive put in the link bleow. enjoy mate
this one is on me ;)
> ---

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