not another question about nothing from noone from nowhere

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Nobody could possibly want to bother making an serious reply about nothing
to some no-one from nowhere.

Its not at all worth the effort, not even from Seinfeld.

Go and ask a greeter at Walmart. They are always happy to help!

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> Could one of you more knowledgable than I on the subject rate the
> idea somewhere between utter science fantasy and coming soon to a walmart
> you.
> Designing, either by breeding or more exotic forms of genetic tampering, a
> plant that basically performs reverse osmosis desalinization of saltwater.
> visualize a basically cylindrical plant that would lie horizontally like a
> vine.  One end would be in the sea or in other saltwater, the other would
> providing desalinated water.  The plant would provide the mechanical
action to
> both suck in the saltwater at one end and to provide the necessary
pressure for
> the osmosis.  Osmosis would take place from the outside of the cylinder
> so that the center of the vine would be used for desalinated water
> The vine would have leaves to provide photosynthesis (or some more
> solar energy conversion system).
> Salt disposal would probably be a big problem.  Only way I can imagine
> it is to migrate concentrated brine to the extreme outer layers of the
vine so
> that salts could excreted to the outside.
> Anyway, this idea came up during a discussion of low cost desalinization
> techniques.  I don't really know too much about the state of the art of
> design, or whether such a discipline even exists yet.
> Serious replies are appreciated. :)

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