Albizzia julibriss leaf organs question

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at
Mon May 3 18:49:16 EST 2004

Dear all, 

please don't beat me if the answer really may be found in textbooks, but so
far I could not get it. That's why I am addressing it to you. the experts!

Here is my question: Looking at the leaves of an Albizzia sp. (probably A.
julibrissin, though the flowers are completely white, it's also called
"sleeping tree" sice it folds the leaves at night), I noticed two organs on
each leaf (one at the beginning and and one at the end which are 1 to 3 mm
in diameter and of ellipsoid shape). 

Could anyone please point me to a reference where I might find some clues
on the role of these organs? Screening standard text books on plant biology
and-physiology in the library did not yield any result; Albizzia just seems
to be the textbook example for sleeping trees ;-)

All input is welcome!

Wo (who is at home in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts)

Wolfgang Schechinger


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