Please help identify mystery vine.

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How about Agdestis clematidea Moc. & Sessé ex DC.?

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> I've helped ID a few mystery plants posted to this group, but now I
> need everyone's help myself.
> I've been handed a real stumper.
> Collected in Hidalgo Co, Texas.  High-climbing vine without tendrils.
> Leaves alternate (they look opposite in the images, but it's just how
> the specimen was pressed), glabrous, with slender petioles to ca. 2 cm
> long on flowering branches, blades ovate to slightly reniform, entire,
> apically rounded, to ca. 3 cm long.  Flowers in axillary panicles.
> Pedicels minutely bracteate; perianth apparently in one whorl,
> 4-parted, the parts oblanceolate, whitish, ca. 1 cm long.  Stamens
> apparently several to many, the filaments very slender and as long as
> or longer than the perianth parts, anthers long, versatile.  Ovary
> superior, looks like 3 to 5 recurved style branches; looks syncarpous
> but the specimen is dry and difficult to examine.  I have no fruit to
> look at.
> My first thought was "autumn clematis," but the leaves are simple and
> it's not glaringly apocarpous.  It's not Cocculus, and it's not
> bittersweet (I don't think).
> Does anyone have any ideas?  This far south, there's always the chance
> it's something exotic that has run amok, but you'd think I could suss
> it out *somehow*!
> plant, half size
> plant, full size
> flowers, x 2
> flowers, x 4
> Monique Reed
> Bio Dept.

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