DNA isolation from old leaves

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Hi! All,

Please check out this paper: 
The first method described seems to be the best one.

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>> Hi everybody,
>> I am having trouble isolating DNA from oak leaves that
>> went from the tree into the -80C freezer about one
>> year ago. Nothing else has been done with them. I am
>> using the Qiagen Plant DNA kit so far, but PCR works
>> only occasionally. Does somebody have a DNA isolation
>> protocol which might give a better chance of getting
>> PCR products?
>> thanks a lot for your help,
>> Manuel
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> Hi Manuel,
> Qiagen states in their handbook that oak leaves result in a very viscous
> lysate with huge amounts of precipitates which may give sheared DNA if
> directly loaded onto the shredder columns. They recommend to introduce an
> additional centrifugation step (handbook page 13). Did you try that?
> So far, we didn't have much luck using commercial kits for grapevine
> leaves (rich in polysaccharides and phenolic compounds - same as oak?).
> Just right now I am testing another bunch of products for that purpose.
> But so far it was always "back to the home brew" ...
> Cheers,
> Klaus


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