[Plant-biology] Plant from Mallorca, please help with identification

Jens Welling jens_welling at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 16 12:28:24 EST 2005


can anyone out there please help me to identify this plant:

(whole plant)

I collected the plant on Mallorca/Spain last winter. There it grows just 
about everywhere, in rocky cliffs as well as in this sandy red soil. 
Underground it has several tubers which look a little like small potatoes.

When I collected the plant, it didn't have any flowers, they grew after I 
put it out in a sunny place in spring. After the bloom it lost all leaves 
but new ones sprouted in autumn.

Does anyone have an idea what kind of plant this is (Latin, English, German 

Thanks in advance :-)

Jens Welling
N 51° 58,9' / E 008° 30,2'
(next human settlement: Bielefeld, Germany)

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