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Fri Dec 16 20:32:30 EST 2005

To Jerry Hoikka,  
    I am an 8th grade student at Freeburg Middle School  in Freeburg,  
Illinois.  I found your response to a question about  black seed coat color in 
soybeans.  I am also doing a science project on  colored soybeans.  I am currently 
in my 4th year with this project.  I  am growing yellow, black and mixed 
(seeds containing black and yellow pigments)  started from the same cultivar.  This 
year I was hoping to perform a  genetic study of the seeds that I have grown. 
 Is there any way of testing  the DNA of my seeds?  Is there any way to 
develop punnet squares with my  seeds?  I would also be open to other ideas that 
you may have. 
    In the past I have compared yield of yellow versus  black.  I have tested 
and compared crude protein and crude fat on a  NIR(near infrared 
spectrometry) machine.  I have also studied the health  benefits(isoflavones and 
proanthocyanidins) of the black seeded glycine  max.   
    I look forward to receiving a response from  you.
       Madelaine  Heidenreich
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