Elephant ear in pond?

nobody not at home.anymore
Sat May 7 21:17:01 EST 2005

jabriol wrote:

> John,
> My suggestion is to present your question to people who know about
> plants. Rec.ponds doesnt deal with ponds anymore, only Carol
> vendetta against Jw's.
> John Bachman wrote:
>> My lovely wife, Little Kahunah (her mother is Big Kahunah), got
>> two elephant ear bulbs for Mother's Day.  She is thinking of
>> putting one in a large clay pot and put it into a shallow part of
>> our pond.  It would look really cool there and provide some much
>> needed shade. 
>> Anyone have experience with elephant ear in their ponds?
>> I can see it coming: "No elephant ear but I put in a rhino horn
>> and the fish became nymphomaniacs."

What would posess you to add the newsgroups: bionet.plants,
rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants, alt.free.newsservers to a post made
in rec.ponds unless you are a troll and want to stir up shit?  Your
credibility has is gone no matter to what group you now post.  As a
matter of fact, I think I will now start running your sorry brethren
off my property every Saturday morning when they show up trying to
spread their drivel.  No wonder many JW's have a bad reputation.  It
is scum like you that ruin a cause. 

LOL. I bet this is another post you will either blame on Carol or
ignore.  You and your type are pathetic. 

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