PONDS: Mysterious appearance of Newbie II

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Sun May 8 13:11:54 EST 2005

Hey Carol,

nobody reading your Reel Mckoi account anymore...

so sad. so now you post under cracklin'

but nobody readung cracklin' neither...

how does it feel???

your own buddies at rec pon are ignoring you...

they hate you for destroying their group...

selfish people who think in themselves remain talking only to

Cracklin' wrote:
> "George" <george at wtfiswrongwithyou.com> wrote in message
> news:y7ife.64617$WI3.27271 at attbi_s71...
> > Hi boys and girls.  I thought I would update you on the
developments since
> my
> > last post.  Some of you may recall my post of 4/25, about finding a
> goldfish in
> > my pond that appeared to be about 3-4 months old. Well, I guess it
> still in
> > there, although I haven't seen it in a couple of days (there are
lots of
> places
> > for a small black fish to hide in the pond). I'm still at a loss as
> where he
> > come from since if my fish spawned him, they would have had to
spawn him
> in the
> > dead of winter (that would be below frezing in these parts, so what
> the
> > chances they would have spawned in that weather).  A midget from
> year?  Not
> > likely because it still has its baby black.  I have yet to see any
> ## A few of mine from last summer are still dark. Some are also
> probably from the last spawning.  Also, eggs may have been carried in
> something.  It may not even be a goldfish.  One summer my neighbor
> sunfish in his stock pond.  No one knew where they came from.....
> > On another, related note, it is Kentucky Derby day (or was - its'
> > mid-night here) here in, where else,  'Derby City' (Louisville's
> nickname).
> > Early this morning at about 6:30 A.M. I got up to do some early
chores to
> get
> > ready for the day's festivities, and while getting a glass of
water, I
> looked
> > out my kitchen window and noticed that all of the fish were
> around in a
> > frenzy, even the Koi.  I went out to check on them, and yes, they
> spawning
> > (I don't think the Koi were actually spawning, just curious).  The
> is all
> > frothy, like last year.
> ## Sounds like spawning to me.
> I have at least five females who are all battered one
> > the side from the efforts (just like my big female was last year).
> found one
> > this afternoon hiding behind the filter beneath the waterfall (it
was one
> of my
> > two year old goldfish - one of the 'feeders' I bought originally to
> to my
> > catfish, who apparently wasn't interested at the time).  This is
the same
> place
> > my big female spawned last year to eventually produce the 8
yearlings I
> have now
> > (who are three times the size of this black mystery newbie, are a
> multitude of
> > colors, and very nice).  They appear to like this location as it is
> sheltered,
> > there are cattails nearby, and it is a hard place to get in and out
> The
> > catfish can't touch them there.  One thing seems certain, I'm going
> have a
> > heck of a lot of fry this year.
> ## And a self-supporting hobby!  :-)))
> > On another note, when I was in college years ago, my wife and I (we
> dating
> > at the time) used to go out to a Pizza joint on the other side of
> that had
> > great live music.  The name of the place was Jockamos.  We used to
> there
> > every weekend. It was a local college hangout (alas, they went
belly up -
> too
> > much 'free beer', I suppose).  The food was lousy, but the beer and
> was
> > wonderful.  Well, what does this have to do with anything?  Well,
> horse that
> > won the Derby, a 50-1 nag, was names Giacomo (pronounced, Jockamo).
> Dabnabbit!
> > What was I thinking?  To think what I would have made had I bet on
> three
> > year old diamond-in-the-rough.
> >
> > Enjoy the spring. It won't last much longer.
> --
> McKoi.... the frugal ponder...
> EVERYONE: "Please check people's
> headers for forgeries before flushing."  :-)
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