Welcome to Rec.Ponds (REPOST)

Jabriol at excite.com Jabriol at excite.com
Mon May 9 10:08:14 EST 2005

Oh how cute... are you saying that Kathy welcome to rec.pond
is useless???

she put on up every day.

You have to be desperate for attention since nobody paying you any mind

Why dont go back to posting to Porn at ARJW...?

rec.ponds is my group now.

Reel McKoi wrote:
> Welcome to rec.ponds!
> We are still here, despite the noise of attack posts.
> Post any problem you may be having under another header.
> We have a lot of talented and knowledgeable people who post
> here and they can solve just about any problem.
> Here is a Pond 101 page for new pond keepers ~
> http://hometown.aol.com/ka30p/myhomepage/garden.html
> kathy :-)
> www.blogfromthebog.com
> this week ~ raccoons!
> ====================
> I reposted this so it shows up higher for today.....   :-)
> --
> McKoi.... the frugal ponder...
> EVERYONE: "Please check people's headers
> for forgeries before flushing."  :-)
> ~~~  }<((((o>  ~~~   }<{{{{o>   ~~~   }<(((((o>

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