[Plant-biology] Postdoctoral Position

Isgouhi Kaloshian isgouhi.kaloshian at ucr.edu
Wed Feb 1 18:38:51 EST 2006

Plant-Microbe/Pest Interactions

A postdoctoral position is available starting July 1, 2006, in the 
department of Nematology University of California, Riverside. Our lab 
studies the signal transduction pathway mediated by the tomato gene 
Mi-1. Mi-1 belongs to the largest class of cloned plant resistance 
genes, and yet is a unique gene because it confers resistance to 
three distinct animals, nematodes, aphids and whiteflies. We are 
currently using genetic and functional genomics approaches to 
elucidate the Mi-1-mediated resistance. 

Applicant should have a strong background in plant genetics and 
general molecular biology. Also, strong oral and written 
communication skills in English are mandatory. Experience in 
functional genomics approaches is highly desirable. Prior work with 
nematodes or insects is not required. To apply, please send a cover 
letter describing research interests, a curriculum vitae with 
detailed description of your research experience, names and e-mail 
addresses of three references to:   isgouhi.kaloshian at ucr.edu

Application deadline is March 1, 2006

Isgouhi Kaloshian
University of California
Department of Nematology
Riverside, CA 92521

email: isgouhi.kaloshian at ucr.edu
telephone: (951) 827-3913
fax: (951) 827-3719


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