[Plant-biology] Re: english word for flower?

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No. Peloria is when a plant with normally zygomorphic flowers produces 
rotate actinomorphic flowers instead. There is no change in the number of 
floral parts, just in their arrangement.

An example is the florist Gloxinias derived from Sinningia speciosa.

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> Isnt this where the word Peloric is used???
> Kye.
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>> As in the case of fancy Rose and Carnation cultivars too?
>> They are commonly called "double flowered" but the number of petals may 
>> be more than just double the original number.
>> I call them "cabbage flowered" or "cabbages on a stick".
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>>> Hi
>>> i do a report about kalanchoe hybrids and need to know the english word
>>> for a flower that has more petals than usual. (for flowers like on the
>>> picture)
>>> http://www.rosalina.nu/Don%20Garcia.htm
>>> i would be happy to get an awnser
>>> thank you
>>> annalena

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