[Plant-biology] Re: Corn plants with opposite leaves?

Malcolm Manners mmanners at flsouthern.edu
Fri Jan 20 07:28:00 EST 2006

Stewart Robert Hinsley wrote:
> In message <dqm0r4$ehb$1 at gargoyle.oit.duke.edu>, mel turner 
> <mturner at snipthis.acpub.duke.edu> writes
>> Does anyone know if this or similar oddities have been reported before?
> Before I chime in, are you interested in aberrations in corn, in 
> Poaceae, or in general?

I've always been fascinated by Feijoa sellowiana (Myrtaceae), which 
commonly has alternate, opposite, whorled (3s) and very occasionally 
whorled (4s) on the same shrub/tree.  They don't seem to switch during a 
growth flush, but when a new flush starts, it can be different from its 
parent branch.

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