[Plant-biology] NAS Sackler Crop Plants Biotechnology Colloquium 4/3-4/5/06 - REGISTER NOW!

Cruz, Alyssa ACruz at nas.edu
Mon Jan 23 16:02:00 EST 2006

The National Academy of Sciences is featuring an Arthur M. Sackler
Colloquium From Functional Genomics of Model Organisms to Crop Plants
for Global Health at the National Academies Building in Washington, D.C.
on April 3-5, 2006.  The Colloquium will present fundamental
breakthroughs that will impact the future of food and agriculture, and
the technical and non-technical challenges of bringing discoveries to
the consumer.  


Major subjects of discussion are:

Defending against Diseases and Pests
Saving Crops from Heat, Drought and Nutrient deficiencies

Increasing Vitamins and Eliminating Allergins in Food
Vaccines made from Plants

Fuels and Energy from Plants
Novel ways of Growing Crops to Protect our Soil and Waterways


It would be greatly appreciated if you can forward the Colloquium
information to your colleagues, students, faculty members and
individuals who would be interested in attending.  


To facilitate the participation of younger scientists, a number of
travel awards will be available for graduate students and postdocs to
help subsidize their travel to the conference for up to $100 for hotel
expenses and up to $150 for airfare expenses. 


The early registration fee for general participants is $250, which
includes the costs of meals and receptions. Please note that the general
participant registration fee will increase to $350 on February 17, 2006.
A reduced all-inclusive registration fee of $100 is offered to Graduate
Students and Postdocs.


The organizers have added a poster session to the Colloquium, scheduled
for 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at the NAS Building on Tuesday, April 4th.
General participants and students are eligible to participate in the
poster session.


For more information or to register for the colloquium, please go to 
www.nasonline.org/sackler_crops <http://www.nasonline.org/sackler_crops>
or email us at <mailto:sackler at nas.edu> sackler at nas.edu. 

Alyssa Cruz 
Program Administrator 
Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia 
National Academy of Sciences 
5251 California Avenue, Suite 230 
Irvine, CA  92617 
Phone: 949-387-2923 
Fax: 949-387-0500 



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