[Plant-biology] saw-toothed palm?

Sue Carmichael suezee63 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 2 23:08:05 EST 2006

Dear Jeff,
     A few years ago I bought the coolest what I think was a palm family
plant at an Ace Hardware.  He was sprouty like a ponytail palm, with
fewer sprouts, much broader and his leaves were quite a bit fatter.  He
had the sharpest teeth on his fronds.  I named him Jaws for an obvious
reason and I had to be very careful when I moved him.  He lived in a
nice sized pot outside in the summer.  I lugged him inside for the
winter since it gets pretty cold here in north Florida.  I had Jaws for
about 4, maybe 5 years and then he started to yellow at the base of his
fronds and I was unable to bring him back to health.  I have looked
everywhere for this kind of plant, even returning to various Ace
Hardware stores and more than a few nurseries.  Someone suggested that
it might be a saw-toothed palm.  I have surfed the net and can find no
such plant.  Do you have any idea what kind of palm it might be, if
indeed it is a palm?  I would love to get a Jaws 2.  Thanks, Sue

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