[Plant-biology] grafting plants from different families?????

Mark tentimes5 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 11 14:34:15 EST 2006

Tried to post it in gardening newsgroup but have been advised to look
for group related to genetics.
Is this the right group?

Anyway, here is what I want I know and what I want to do:
What I know can be done:(even I have never done that) make pears grow
on apple tree by attaching a branch from  pear tree to the trunk or
spot on apple tree wher the aple tree branch is coming from.

Now questions.

#1. Will this scenarioo work?
I cut out 10-15 cm of the skin from the branch of apple tree; just the
skin not going deep in the wood. Then I take apple leaves; water, blend

it in the blender a little bit until I have a paste. Put this paste in
the pouch made from cooton towel.
Put in the pouch a seedling of  apple tree with some soild soil. Make
sure the seedlings go thru the hole in the pouch as if it would look
when you buy it from the store; just instead of the pot it is in the
Place the pouch on the top of tree "wound". Tie it up to the branch
with wet piece of the same towel. Tie it up. Keep it moist. Can I
expect the new apple tree penetrate the branch, fuse with it, and
starting to grow?

#2. You probably ask why all this so complicated, when it can be done
much easier with regular grafting. Reason for that is that, if the
answer to question # 1 is "yes"; what I really want is to try instead
of planting apple tree; what I want is to try something like plant a
tomato plant on the branch of equaliptyus tree. Now it is probably from

the realm of scince fiction or is it possible?

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