[Plant-biology] Lemon tree shedding limbs???

Stan Dornfeld sdornfe1 at san.rr.com
Sat Jul 29 15:09:13 EST 2006

Hi there..

We have a mature lemon tree which became infested with "Scale."  So we 
pruned it back (severely) to about 4 feet high about 8 weeks ago.  Not a 
leaf was left. It was about 12' high.

All remaining branches have sprouted a forest of new sprouts straight up. 
Some are three feet tall.  The sprouts are thickly populated along the old 
branches.  Some that have fallen off, have leaves which have turned over, 
though they look healthy.    It's been very warm here for the last three 
weeks.  Some days have been near 112 degrees f.

Also,  the watering in the last couple of weeks has been much more 

Question:   Could this be a normal behavior?  Would a tree "test" many 
sprouts and find the root stock can't support the fast growth?

Any insight to this would be welcome.   Thank you and...

Best regards,


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