[Plant-biology] Hydroponics

Simplestsimon Simplestsimon.278zk1 at gardenbanter.co.uk
Wed May 3 10:16:41 EST 2006

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. Both the
commercial and hobby grower use hydroponic growing systems, hydroponic
growing media, indoor grow lights and hydroponic nutrients to benefit

Year round gardening 
You're not restricted to environmental changes. Plants can be grown
anytime, anywhere.

Quicker plant growth with increased yield 
By using a hydroponic growing system and hydroponic nutrients, you can
grow your plants up to four times faster than you could in soil. Yields
can also be four times greater.

Better use of space 
You can grow more plants per given area than in soil, which only helps
to reduce the cost of production. In fact, many hydroponic gardeners
choose to grow in small cupboards or grow tents.

Enhanced flavour of crops 
Hydroponically grown fruit and vegetables can taste far better than
those found in the supermarket.

No soil borne pests 
The need for toxic and expensive pesticides is diminished. Your food
can actually be more natural than when it's grown in soil!

Healthy eating 
Growing your own fruit and vegetables means you're more likely to eat
the recommended 5 portions a day.

No more digging and weeding 
You get all of the above with little effort.

An efficient use of water 
A recirculating hydroponic system allows you to conserve water by up to
90%. As the world's water supplies become increasingly scarce,
hydroponics can only become even more important.

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