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Laurent LAPLAZE Laurent.Laplaze at mpl.ird.fr
Wed May 17 03:42:45 EST 2006

Urgent: Two-years Post-doc position in protein biochemistry
A two-years post-doc position is open to start now in the Laboratoire de
Biologie du Développement des Plantes, CEA cadarache, France.
This project involves several CEA laboratories grouped in a framework for
the analysis of expression of various bacterial, plant and mammalian
membrane-targeted proteins.
The successful candidate will have to analyse the expression of about 20
different proteins transiently expressed in N.benthamiana leaves. Among
these proteins is LPR1, a protein first identified as an Arabidopsis QTL
(Quantitative Trait Loci) and involved in the root growth response to
phosphate starvation (Reymond et al. , 2006, Plant Cell & Environment,
29:115-125). A deeper analyse of the LPR1 expression & function is also part
of the project.
Highly motivated candidates with a strong experience in protein biochemistry
(expression and purification) are encouraged to apply. Prior research
experience with plants is desirable but not essential; experience in cell
biology will be an advantage.
The laboratory is part of a CNRS/CEA/University department. The department
has a long standing tradition in plant biology, microbiology and displays
full equipments needed for protein biochemistry and biophysics, molecular
biology, microscopy and plant culture.
The laboratory is located 70km north to Marseille, in the pleasant region of
To apply send a cover letter and a CV to thierry.desnos at cea.fr

PS : Candidates should be 30 years old maximum, should have obtained their
PhD since less than two years and not in a CEA laboratory.

Thierry DESNOS
CEA cadarache
LBDP, Bât 178
UMR 6191 CNRS/CEA/Université Aix-Marseille-2
13108 St Paul-lez-Durance, Cedex
thierry.desnos at cea.fr

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