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george steeves via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by electricfarm from gmail.com)
Mon Apr 30 06:48:26 EST 2007

I have been doing plant identifiers for almost 20 years now starting with my
Amiga in the 1980's.  After having written many I realized the program
really shouldn't care what the item is being examined whether it is
botanical, animal, fungi, geological or autoparts the problem of
identification is simply uniting the data with the selected character traits
to the program.

Upon making a selection of character traits the program searches for all
files containing the selected trait(s).  All data, name entries, with
matching traits are displayed to a list.  Upon clicking on a name in the
list a display of that record is made. This can presently be a BMP, JPG,
TIF, PNG, BMP, AVI, MPG, MP3.  These presentation can easily copied to CD
for distribution.


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George Steeves
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