[Plant-biology] When To Repot Corn Plant?

stormylm via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by stormylm At pyro.net)
Sat Feb 3 11:39:58 EST 2007

Last night we rescued a large corn plant from certain doom, either 
someone took it home from the office or it was going out in the 
garbage.  My husband brought it home, in the car.  I guess it could have 
traveled worse, but now the soil is dry and the canes are all askew.  I 
have no idea of how much soil these 5 foot canes should be sitting in.  
Can you give some info on this.  THere are 4 tall canes in this pot, 
should they be seperated, like two to a pot or left together.  Iam clueless.
stormylm At pyro.net

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