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majid zaboli via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by majid.zaboli At gmail.com)
Mon Feb 5 07:16:18 EST 2007

 Dear Morimoto
  Please send me papers or information about ecological condition and site
condition of Haloxylon Persicum and Haloxylon aphyllum and send me papers or
information about major factors(parameters) in distribution these
species.Itis very important for me.
I want sample for study edaphic charactereistics in Haloxylon aphyllum and
H. persicum habitat(site).Please guide me that how do it.(what *depth?)*
best regards
                     Majid zaboli
          Dept . of  Range Managment
              School of natural source
          Tarbiat modares University
           P.O.Box.46414 - 356 NOOR
         Mazandaran , I.R. IRAN
         E-mail: majid.zaboli At gmail.com

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