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You don't need to prune a bouganvillia vine to get it to flower, it needs 
full sun . If you want to prune it just cut it back as much as you want, it 
will not hurt it.

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I have the same question you asked in August 1995: How do you prune a 
bouganvillia vine to get it to flower?  Did anyone ever reply to you? or, 
have you since found an answer to that question?  A pointer towards an info 
source would be welcome, too.

Thank you.


Pruning a Bouganvillia Vine
Trever J. Cornwell tjcornwe at mtu.edu
Fri Aug 11 18:24:25 EST 1995

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Hello all...
My mom is big into gardening, and my parents even had a 3 or 5 page article 
in O
Organic Gardening a couple of years ago on their garden.

She asked if I could find info on the net on 'how to prune a bouganvillia 
to get it to flower.

I figured I'd give it a shot.
Are there any ftp sites or telnets or WWW sites I could check for such info,
or anyone know?

please email me!  Thanks!  later

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