[Plant-biology] Re: Help identifying plant?

Mike Joa via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by mjoa from SPAMMERSSUCKshaw.ca)
Thu Mar 29 15:03:33 EST 2007

"Malcolm Manners" <mmanners from flsouthern.edu> wrote in message 
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> Mike Joa wrote:
>> Can anyone identify this plant which I photographed earlier today?  This 
>> is an extreme close up and the blurred blades of grass should give you 
>> some reference as to the actual size.  From memory the seed head (if that 
>> is the correct term) is probably about 3-5 mm long.
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
> Perhaps Plantago lanceolata?

That must be it.  Once you gave me a term to search for I have done some 
searching and based on what I have seen and read I am fairly positive this 
is what I'm looking at here in my back yard.  I hate taking pictures of 
things and then later realizing that I have no clue whatsoeve as to what 
that thing actually is!

Thanks again,

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