[Plant-biology] Re: Pollen Advice Please

Tim Perry via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by Tim.Perry.32e0606 from gardenbanter.co.uk)
Fri Aug 29 12:25:37 EST 2008

Luna;813049 Wrote: 
> My only experience is with storing cattail pollen for making
> pancakes......

Thanks Luna, I never knew you could eat it, but I suppose common sense
should tell us that it has a fair bit of protein. Well, you learn
new every day !

I need to save pollen from Eriobotrya japonica that flowers here in the
Autumn/Winter, and keep it viable so that I can try to fertilize another
of the same genus that blooms in June/July. O.K., it's just a little
and only for the fun of it, but I would hope to give myself the best
possible chance of success. I just want to see what kind of seedlings
might result from the cross.

If it works I will certainly post a report.

Tim Perry

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