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In article <Tim.Perry.32e0606 from gardenbanter.co.uk>,
>I need to save pollen from Eriobotrya japonica that flowers here in the
>Autumn/Winter, and keep it viable so that I can try to fertilize another
>of the same genus that blooms in June/July. O.K., it's just a little
>and only for the fun of it, but I would hope to give myself the best
>possible chance of success. I just want to see what kind of seedlings
>might result from the cross.

Try as many different methods as you can find, and see which if any
work.  Try both frozen and refrigerated, dry and humid, in air or
(if you can obtain some) nitrogen.  You could even try a high CO2
atmosphere by the kitchen method of piping CO2 from a fermentation
into the container before sealing it.

You could also try refrigerating some cuttings of the fall-blooming
plant in hopes of forcing bloom at a time nearer that of the summer-
blooming plant, or vice versa.

>If it works I will certainly post a report.

It will be interesting to see when the hybrids bloom, should you
manage to obtain any.  If you haven't raised the parental species
from seed before, you might try that so you'll have better ideas
about germinating the hybrids.  Seeds of woody plants often need
some manipulation to get them to germinate.

Sounds like an interesting and fun project.  Good luck!

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