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Tim Perry via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by Tim.Perry.32eaeca from gardenbanter.co.uk)
Sat Aug 30 00:29:04 EST 2008

bae from cs.toronto.no-uce.edu;813239 Wrote: 
> You could also try refrigerating some cuttings of the fall-blooming
> plant in hopes of forcing bloom at a time nearer that of the summer-
> blooming plant, or vice versa.
> It will be interesting to see when the hybrids bloom, should you
> manage to obtain any.  If you haven't raised the parental species
> from seed before, you might try that so you'll have better ideas
> about germinating the hybrids.  Seeds of woody plants often need
> some manipulation to get them to germinate.
> Sounds like an interesting and fun project.  Good luck!

Thanks, unfortunately I have just the normal deep freeze. I only
I had access to a laboratory, still, we can all dream.

I had not thought of freezing cuttings, although the plants are
supposed to be hardy down to -15 C. I had wondered if grafting onto a
different rootstock might cause a shift in the blooming time, or
perhaps I could try a combination of the 2 options. I am unsure what
species would provide good root stocks. 

I am growing some Loquats from seed, 10 seed produced 3 plants, and so
far I have discovered that the seed must be planted as soon as possible
after extraction from the fruit, viability drops off very steeply in
storage. Also I
found that the moisture level is fairly crucial, too much either way
meets with failure. I understand the plants are only partially
self-fertile, so 1 plant on its own may never fruit, which causes many
gardeners to give up.

Tim Perry

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