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Beverly Erlebacher;813645 Wrote: 
> In article Tim.Perry.32eaeca from gardenbanter.co.uk,
> Tim Perry  Tim.Perry.32eaeca from gardenbanter.co.uk wrote:-
> bae from cs.toronto.no-uce.edu;813239 Wrote: -
> You could also try refrigerating some cuttings of the fall-blooming
> plant in hopes of forcing bloom at a time nearer that of the summer-
> blooming plant, or vice versa.
> Sounds like an interesting and fun project.  Good luck!-I had not
> thought of freezing cuttings, although the plants are
> supposed to be hardy down to -15 C. -
> You'd be risking it in a deep freeze, which is supposed to be kept
> at about -18C.
> If neither plant forms its flower buds before
> dormancy, it's probably not possible to get dormant cuttings to
> bloom.
> My thought was to make cuttings of the winter-blooming plant well
> before bloom, refrigerate (not freeze) them, I had wondered if 
> grafting onto a different rootstock might cause a shift in the
> blooming time, 
> I am unsure what species would provide good root stocks. [/i][/color]
> Depending on the size of the plant, you may be able to manipulate
> bloom time by controlling day length.  It's actually night length 
> that plants are sensitive to.  It's easiest for a small potted plant
> that you can move in and out of a dark container.
> -
> I have discovered that the seed must be planted as soon as possible
> after extraction from the fruit, viability drops off very steeply in
> storage. -
> Your potential hybrid may or may not be pollinated by its siblings or 
> either or both parents.  You might even get seedless fruit from some of
> these.
> Have you tried growing medlars (Mespilus germanicus)?  That's another
> little grown pome fruit that should be hardy in Britain.
> Here in Toronto, where I move my fig and bay trees into the cellar for
> the winter, I can only appreciate your loquat experiments vicariously!

Thanks Beverley, I'll try to answer each point as best I can.

The Loquats bloom and set fruit in the autumn/winter, then go into
dormancy, so provided I catch them early enough I might delay

I had not realized the freezer was so cold until my wife showed me the
gauge reads -20 C. That would kill the cuttings, so the fridge it is.

I should be able to manage the day/night length side quite easily.

I understand that each recipient flower will have to be emasculated,
and protected within a small muslin bag to prevent pollination from
other sources.

I don't expect too many seed to be viable, if indeed I get any seed at
but I'll give it a try.

Clearly, this experiment will take some considerable length of time.

Tim Perry

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