[Plant-biology] Re: Strange Fungi

monique via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by monique from mail.bio.tamu.edu)
Thu Jan 31 11:19:37 EST 2008

Oh, nice find!  Indianpipes.  Flowering plants in the genus Monotropa. 
They have no chlorophyll but are thought to be parasitic on fungi 
(mycotrophic) which are in turn parasitic on trees.  Cool, yes?

Monique Reed

bulucanagria wrote:
> http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/562324067tCDHJq
> At least I believe that's what it is. They look like flowers but have no
> foliage and are growing on an old rotting stump. It's fairly deep down in a
> steep wooded valley with a stream flowing down the hill from it. It's a very
> humid, lush area, especially for being located in south central
> NH. I've always loved these pictures (the second one is my
> desktop)and would really love to know what these beautiful plants are.
> Thanks would go to anyone who could enlighten me.
> Danny Blue
> My apologies for earlier trying to post photo attachments. The absence of
> large files should have alerted me to the protocol.

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