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Thu Jan 31 17:08:20 EST 2008

Very cool, very beautiful and now named! Thank you.
Danny Blue

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> Oh, nice find!  Indianpipes.  Flowering plants in the genus Monotropa.
> They have no chlorophyll but are thought to be parasitic on fungi
> (mycotrophic) which are in turn parasitic on trees.  Cool, yes?
> Monique Reed
> bulucanagria wrote:
> > http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/562324067tCDHJq
> >
> > At least I believe that's what it is. They look like flowers but have no
> > foliage and are growing on an old rotting stump. It's fairly deep down
in a
> > steep wooded valley with a stream flowing down the hill from it. It's a
> > humid, lush area, especially for being located in south central
> > NH. I've always loved these pictures (the second one is my
> > desktop)and would really love to know what these beautiful plants are.
> > Thanks would go to anyone who could enlighten me.
> > Danny Blue
> >
> > My apologies for earlier trying to post photo attachments. The absence
> > large files should have alerted me to the protocol.
> >
> >

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