[Plant-biology] Re: Weedkiller, Nettles and any danger.

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Sun Jul 13 07:53:27 EST 2008

hai J Wick,

can you give the ame and composition of the weed killer?
may be that can help to track the problem.


On Jul 4, 8:23 pm, JWick <josephhqHE... from msn.comCAPITALSNOTREALLYHERE>
> Recently my Mum has sprayed the garden with a certain weedkiller that
> gets to the roots. After a while as I was walking in the garden with
> bare feet my left foot was brushed by the nettles and got stung.
> However, the pain lasted throughout the day and into the night, whereas
> normally the pain wouldn't last for a minute. I was concerned whether
> this continued pain was due to the weedkiller, and whether the poison
> could have absorbed it and entered my body.
> Would this be valid? Should I take any further action?
> Thanks
> --
> JWick

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