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On Mar 1, 4:27 am, Avijit Das <avijit_... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> My E. coli DH5a culture not seems to be the right one. Can any body send me a pure culture of this strain?
>   Thanks.
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Pure cultures of anything are rather difficult. I think Pasteur said
something to the effect that microbes tend to suit the medium. IOW, if
you start from E. coli and strain the medium in various ways (starting
with 5mL of the last batch), then you'll end up with something that
only resembles E. coli. Different genes express in different media,
and of course natural selection will kill jerms that don't express the
right genes. Pure? Start from one microbe in a rich growth medium. So,
the question is what do you want it for? Are you prepared to strain
the medium yourself?

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