[Plant-biology] Oil Seed Rape - a non-specific allergen?

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Wed Apr 29 04:01:44 EST 2009

I am a 45 year old female with no history of hayfever allergy, even though I have previously lived in rural areas with high pollen load in New Zealand. I shifted to Fance a month ago to a rural area where there are fields of oil seed rape in flower, and am suffering hayfever for the first time in my life. While I obviously cannot say with absolute certainty that it is caused by the rape, it is interesting to note that the other surrounding trees that are in flower are also grown in New Zealand and I have never reacted to their pollen. I thought I would add this information to the mix after reading the comments by Sean disputing that oil seed rape starts new allergys in previous non-sufferers. (The quote by Sean says "As an (extreme) hayfever sufferer who works on rape seed, I can personally put paid to the assertion (sometimes seen in the press) that oil seed rape is a non-specific allergen..that increases suffering in ALL hay fever cases and starts new ones in previous non-sufferers.") Also in the same article, David Lonsdale says "Certainly for people working with oilseed rape great care has to be taken, as an  allergenic response to the pollen is easily developed." As hayfever is new for me, I do not know much about it, and I was wondering if either David or anyone else could tell me what steps are involved in this "great care" that is taken, as I also would like to follow them. My email address is: alisonforlong from hotmail.com. Many thanks, Alison.   
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