[Plant-biology] Re:Tomato seed question, Plantbiolist

B. P. TBC via plantbio%40net.bio.net (by tbc_z87 from mailbox.hu)
Sun Oct 31 23:16:31 EST 2010

Dear Peter!

> The explanation is probably a more common one. Pathogen, to little 
> or to little nutrients are possible causes.
> Sorry that I can not help you more than saying that the seed has 
> to do with it.

Thank you for your help!
Some additional information: I planted that tomato to a 25 cm wide 
pot, in a mixture of potting soil and normal soil. I placed it to my 
southern window.
2 days before I transplant it to pure potting soil. (I placed it to a 
bigger pot, and I changed the soil.) I saw, that its root is small and 
withered. I washed down it with clear water. This transplant wore out 
it hardly, and lost the bottom half of its leaves.
I link some photo about it: first 2 photo were taken after this 
transplant; last 2 photo were taken cca. 2 days later.

What can I do to my plant become more strenght?

Thank you for your help!


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