Welcome to the PLANT-SIGNAL-TRANSDUCTION newsgroup

Bratislav Stankovic stankovic.1 at osu.edu
Wed May 29 00:23:34 EST 1996

It is my pleasure to announce the start of the PLANT-SIGNAL-TRANSDUCTION/
bionet.plants.signaltransduc newsgroup.   Its establishment was rendered
possible through the votes of the scientific community and through the
efforts of Dave Kristofferson and the rest of the BIOSCI/bionet staff. 

The successful functioning of this newsgroup will depend on the active
involvement of the interested  individuals.  I encourage your participation.
I will attempt to fulfill the role of a moderator to the best of my
ability, and for the benefit of anyone interested in this line of research.

Bratislav Stankovic
Department of Plant Biology     TEL: (614) 688.4305
Ohio State University           FAX: (614) 292.6345
1735 Neil Avenue                E-MAIL: stankovic.1 at osu.edu
Columbus, OH 43210

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