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Jim Tumlinson tumlnsn at
Wed Jun 17 12:50:52 EST 1998

Employer/Organization: J. H. Tumlinson, Center for Medical, Agricultural and
Veterinary Entomology, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural
Research Service

Business Address: 1700 Sw 23rd Drive, Gainesville, Fl 32608, Tel.
352-374-5730, FAX 352- 374-5707, email: jtumlinson at

Description of Position: Post Doctoral Research Associate in plant
physiology/biochemistry to investigate the mechanisms of insect herbivore
induced biosynthesis and release of volatile compounds by plants.  The
incumbent will work as a member of an interdisciplinary team to identify
regulatory steps or chemical signals from insect damaged plants that lead to
the emission of plant volatiles with special attention to mutant, hybrid and
wild plant varieties that affect the timing, quantity and type of volatiles
that are released; investigate the effect of various environmental factors
that regulate or affect the biosynthesis and / or release of volatile
compounds by plants; and investigate how the release of plant volatiles is
affected by or related to the composition of fatty acid derivatives in the
oral secretions of herbivorous insects.

Location of Available Position: Gainesville, FL

Starting Date: July 1998 or as soon thereafter as possible.     Starting
Salary: $38,593 per year

Other Requirements: Ph D. in plant physiology / biochemistry or closely
related field and demonstrated ability to conduct research in this area as
evidenced by publications.  Demonstrated  experience in research on
biosynthesis of plant defensive chemicals and inducible plant defense
responses is highly desirable.
J. H. Tumlinson
1700 SW 23rd Drive
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 374-5730
FAX: (352) 374-5707

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