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Tue Jun 12 23:45:02 EST 2001

PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Title: Genomics of flowering in apple.

A unique and exciting opportunity exists at the interface between
plant genomics and plant physiology. We seek to characterise genes
involved in the development of flowers in apple. The primary focus
will be to understand why certain apple varieties only flower every
second year, giving rise to what is known as biennial bearing.  The
results of this work will ultimately help to understand the control of
floral meristem development in apple and ultimately may revolutionise
apple breeding programmes and the ways in which the trees are managed
in the field.

The successful candidate will be involved in identifying and
characterising genes that control flowering and biennial bearing in
apple.  This will include the use of apple gene microarrays.
Appropriate functional analysis studies will be undertaken in
Arabidopsis, leveraging off the completed genomic sequence of this
model plant.

Research will be conducted primarily in Auckland at the University of
Auckland with Dr Jo Putterill (molecular biologist, working on genetic
control of flowering in Arabidopsis) and HortResearch, Mt Albert. The
project will also involve brief periods at other HortResearch sites
with Dr Eric Walton (molecular physiologist, working on the regulation
of flowering in kiwifruit), and Dr Steve McArtney (fruit tree

The position is available immediately for 3 years and provides an
annual scholarship of $NZ20,000 plus a contribution towards fees (paid
in full for NZ students and citizens of Australia, France and
Germany). Applicants should have a good BSc (Hons) or MSc, preferably
with instruction/ experience in molecular biology, genetics and plant
physiology. Applications, including covering letter, CV and full
contact addresses of two academic referees, should be sent to Dr. Jo
Putterill School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland,
Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand or by email to
J.Putterill at For more information on the Putterill
research group see
Please email J. Putterill (J.Putterill at for more

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