Protein Motif Database

GARAVELL at gunbrf.bitnet GARAVELL at gunbrf.bitnet
Mon Aug 20 11:21:00 EST 1990

In reply to an inquiry from Paul Fisher (micprf at concerning a
Protein Sequence Motif Data Base:

The NBRF PIR staff has been collecting motif data, and considering the
development of the special format and software that such a data base would
require in order to be useful.  Unfortunately, the present very poor level of
funding from the NIH, and their apparent reluctance to fund the development new
databases, has prevented us from advancing beyond this planning stage.  We hope
that U.S. researchers will let us know of their interest in a motif database
useable in conjuction with the PIR.  Assessing the demand for such a database
would help us choose whether to proceed with this project and determine how
best to obtain funding for it.
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